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Asymmetry, impossibility, contradiction, repression, redundancy, inequality, fragility, resistance, participation, transformation, creativity, solidarity, community, organization, rights, justice, (...) they are common terms that describe the ways of living and being together today in every city in the world. However, these forms of life that we believe are unique, somehow replicate elsewhere. Some of the invited works at MDE15 reveal the global flows that define inequalities of modern life, while encouraging other reasons to persevere.

(Aus dem MDE15 Kurzführer)


Alle Teilnehmer in diesem Kapitel:

Halil Altindere
Emilia Azcárate
Adrián Balseca
Camila Botero
María Buenaventura
Elkin Calderón
Camilo Cantor
Wilson Díaz
Yoel Díaz Vázquez
Adrian Paci
Ana Patricia Palacios
Libia Posada
Camilo Restrepo
Miguel Ángel Rojas
Nathaly Rubio
Allan Sekula & Noël Burch
Michael Soi
Elena Vargas Tisnés
Paromita Vohra
Jorge Alonso Zapata

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Visuelle Tour durch die Ausstellung des Internationalen Kunsttreffens Medellín 2015 in Kolumbien: Kunstwerke und Projekte an fast allen Orten.

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