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to dig a hole #2

Video, Farbe, Stereo
4 Min.

Film documenting the artist digging sand from a hole equal to the weight of the artists’ grandfather’s weight. It combines footage from his diggings in Blackheath Commons in London and a sand bank in the delta of the Tokyo bay. Both of them are land that has no particular property rights (one being a commons land, the other not being recognized by the Japanese Government as land). The voice over narrates a script written by Kawakubo with quotes from Hugo Grotius, Julio Cortázar, John Ball or allusions to John Locke’s theory of property right that served to the basis of the modern idea of ownership of land.

© Still: Yoi Kawakubo

Yoi Kawakubo: El Sur

Interview über seine Arbeit auf der Yokohama Triennale 2017, seine Arbeitsweise und die Quellen seiner Inspiration.

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