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Atlas’ Walls

Wände des Museums mit Sandstrahl behandelt und poliert, so dass ein ökonomisches Diagramm entstand.
900 cm x 450 cm

The graph shows the changes in the difference of land price (¥/sqm) between Minatomirai – and Yubari. Minatomirai is one of the most expensive comercial areas in Yokohama where the Triennale is taking place, and that after the WWII was used as an American military land until its return to the Japanese government in the 1970s. Yubari is a rural town in the North area of Japan, which the artist experienced though several visits. The only town in Japan that has experienced a financial bankruptcy and whose population mean age is higher than 65 years old. The graph, made by a financial trader that was given the historical data, shows the price from the last thirty years and the forecast price for the next thirty years.

© Foto: Yoi Kawakubo

Yoi Kawakubo: El Sur

Interview über seine Arbeit auf der Yokohama Triennale 2017, seine Arbeitsweise und die Quellen seiner Inspiration.

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