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Installation mit Plattencovern aus Kolumbien.

Gezeigt im MDE15 in Medellín, Kolumbien
Museo de Antioquia
6. November 2015 - 27. März 2016

The circumstances of the peace talks in Havana produce numerous of news stories presented in a more or less homogeneous language in the national mass media. They capture the possible positions and perspectives about the internal armed conflict and its causes in the public sphere. Diaz’s work is clearly against this unanimity. He addresses other conditions of the conflict making clear its complexity, and especially the diversity of the competing cultural. The artist, interested in providing a clear picture of the many sides of power, uses a collection of LP’s made by State institutions such as SENA and INCORA (no longer active), the National Police and political candidates for public office; by private companies represented by banks and construction firms; and even productions by guerrilla groups and illegal organizations such as those involved in drug trafficking.

(Aus dem MDE15 Short Guide.
© Fotos: Haupt & Binder)

Wilson Díaz
* 1963 Pitalito, Huila, Kolumbien.

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