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Mahmoud Khaled

The three-channel video installation Proposal for a Porn Company, by Mahmoud Khaled, works with the universe explored by porn video production company MEN AT PLAY, which specializes in erotic storylines featuring male characters from the corporate and business world. Set in the city of São Paulo, where the artist undertook a residency at Casa Tomada, the videos seek out urban locations that could serve as settings for a hypothetical film by the company. The audience may recognize places such as Conjunto Nacional, Avenida Paulista, Congonhas Airport or the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture. The scenes are interspersed with audio and video excerpts from MEN AT PLAY films, which unfold and deconstruct the narrative structure of a porn production.


© Foto: Courtesy Associação Cultural Videobrasil
Fotografin: Carolina Camara

Cláudio Bueno & Mahmoud Khaled

Projekte von Cláudio Bueno (Brasilien) und Mahmoud Khaled (Ägypten), gezeigt im Kontext mit Werken der Sammlung Videobrasil. Galpão VB, São Paulo. 20. Februar - 19. März 2016.

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