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Cláudio Bueno

Estudo para Duelo invites visitors to put on magnetized vests and walk down a six-meter long metallic hallway from opposing ends. Contact between the participants is prevented by the magnetic field created between the vests. According to the artist, the piece suggests analogies with the power fields that exist in day-to-day relationships, whether interpersonal, with spaces or with institutions. "Such forces, which aren’t seen, but felt in our bodies, can be interpreted as power, information, relationship etc.," he asserts. The piece was created during Cláudio Bueno’s residency stint at the Delfina Foundation.

Cláudio Bueno created the work in partnership with Paula Garcia – an artist featured in the 17th Festival, and the author of one of the recorded performances used as a reference by Bueno.


© Foto: Courtesy Associação Cultural Videobrasil
Fotografin: Carolina Camara

Cláudio Bueno & Mahmoud Khaled

Projekte von Cláudio Bueno (Brasilien) und Mahmoud Khaled (Ägypten), gezeigt im Kontext mit Werken der Sammlung Videobrasil. Galpão VB, São Paulo. 20. Februar - 19. März 2016.

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