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CPR - Kuratoriales Forschungsprogramm

Das Kuratoriale Forschungsprogramm nimmt Bewerbungen für sein Programm 2016 in Städten Südamerikas entgegen. Deadline: 5. Jan. 2016.
Dez 2015

The Curatorial Program for Research (CPR) announced its open call for curators for its second fully funded research program, which will take place in cities across South America in May 2016. 

CPR 2016: South America will occur over the course of 20 days across Bogotá, Medellín, Santiago de Chile, and Buenos Aires. Hosted by local institutions, each program gathers a cohort of ten curators, and stresses both academic rigor and on-site research. Each city features a specialized curriculum, which includes readings and lectures about local socio-political history, arts, and culture. These are complemented by daily visits to artist studios and local arts institutions. Following the trip, each curator is asked to submit a proposal for a project in his/her home city; one winning proposal will be awarded funds for its production.


Both independent curators and those with institutional affiliations may apply; only applicants with two+ years of professional experience will be considered. A jury comprised of CPR's executive board as well as local CPR hosts (Carolina Castro Jorquera / Santiago de Chile, Marina Reyes Franco / Buenos Aires, Emiliano Valdés / Medellín) will select the participants.

The Curatorial Program for Research partners with local arts initiatives in each of its host cities and creates a professional support structure with an international scope. Its programs seek to expand the boundaries of current curatorial practice, and facilitate an international exchange of ideas. This program's partners include:

arteBA Fundación
Buenos Aires
FAVA / Fundación Artes Visuales Asociados
Santiago de Chile
CeDoc / Centro de Documentación Artes Visuales
Santiago de Chile
MAMM / Museo Arte Moderno de Medellín
Deadline: 5. Januar 2016

Weitere Informationen und Richtlinien:

(Aus Presseinformationen)

Das Curatorial Program For Research
nimmt Bewerbungen für sein voll
finanziertes Programm entgegen, das
2016 in Städten Südamerikas stattfindet

Deadline: 5. Januar 2016

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