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Semillas del Futuro

Projekt auf den urbanen und ländlichen Hängen von Medellín.
Unión entre comunas, Agroarte, dispensadores de felicidad
Installation mit Pflanzen, Plastikflaschen und Erde zum Säen.

The slopes of Medellin have been built by people from different parts of the country who have been displaced, due to violent acts or because they were looking for new opportunities in the city. In these neighborhoods, sowing is charged with memory: a plant can speak of the history of a territory, from which the slope dwellers could come from.
The project shown in Contraexpediciones, led by rapper AKA, calls for the participation of children and youngsters, who combine agriculture with hip hop as acts of memory. In the halls of the Museum, people can learn to sow in plastic containers and take soil and plant home as a small sample of what is happening with this project in the city.


© Foto: Courtesy Museo de Antioquia

Gegen-Expeditionen - Aufenthalte

Künstler arbeiteten an diversen Orten Antioquias und schufen Werke für die Ausstellung Contraexpediciones, 8. April - 30. Juni 2014, Museo de Antioquia, Medellín, Kolumbien.

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