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María Antonia Pérez & Ana Lucia Cárdenas

Aufenthalt in Bajo Cauca
Installation, Zeichnung, Erde und Fotografien.
The collective enquired into two different views of the concept of landscape: the Western view, which is grid-like, putting things into frames and isolating them; and that from the ancient peoples like the Emberá-Sinú, and other indigenous communities of the Bajo Cauca region, who do not see the horizon as landscape but as stover, looking under the earth that nourishes them, where their ancestors are. To de Senús, it is very difficult to conceive the landscape as something purely esthetic; their notions of beauty cannot be separated from their notions of usefulness.


© Foto: Courtesy Museo de Antioquia

Gegen-Expeditionen - Aufenthalte

Künstler arbeiteten an diversen Orten Antioquias und schufen Werke für die Ausstellung Contraexpediciones, 8. April - 30. Juni 2014, Museo de Antioquia, Medellín, Kolumbien.

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