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Gloria Jaramillo

Aufenthalt in San Vicente
Rosa de los Vientos
Installation mit 2.500 Pflanzen
For the last 14 years, artist Gloria Jaramillo has been working with the Women’s Association of Medicinal Plants of San Vicente, with which she encourages the study and popularization of their traditional and generational knowledge. The exhibition comprises an inventory of the medicinal plants they use, as well as a mountain of earth leading towards the inside of the halls, showing the essential element needed for cultivation. Finally, Jaramillo uses 2,500 plants to build a compass rose in one of the patios of the Museum.


© Foto: Courtesy Museo de Antioquia

Gegen-Expeditionen - Aufenthalte

Künstler arbeiteten an diversen Orten Antioquias und schufen Werke für die Ausstellung Contraexpediciones, 8. April - 30. Juni 2014, Museo de Antioquia, Medellín, Kolumbien.

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