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Projekt in der Schlucht des Flusses Alicante, Maceo.
¡En la Jugada Maceo!
Masken aus Pappmaché.
With the collaboration of several artists and together with a group of students from the municipality of Maceo, a series of masks and photo stories were made, product of a process of sponsorship on the biodiversity of the Alicante River Canyon.

For five months, the youngsters tried to put themselves in an animals’ place, adopting different endangered species in their region. In this way, they found out what was their reality, their strengths and weaknesses and the environmental reality of their territory. They explored the situation from the point of view of communication and art, generating dialog processes with the authorities and the community.


© Foto: Courtesy Museo de Antioquia

Gegen-Expeditionen - Aufenthalte

Künstler arbeiteten an diversen Orten Antioquias und schufen Werke für die Ausstellung Contraexpediciones, 8. April - 30. Juni 2014, Museo de Antioquia, Medellín, Kolumbien.

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