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Rethinking Public Space

Der Prince Claus Fund unterstützt Projekte, die neu mit dem öffentlichen Raum umgehen. Deadline: 15. Mai 2013
Apr 2013

The term "public space" is defined as a social space that is open and accessible to all. A public space can take many different forms. It can be a gathering place defined by its social aspect, a civic space, a community space, a virtual space…

The strength of THE public space is its potential in reaching out and involving a wide and diverse group of people.

Through this call, the Prince Claus Fund aims to support creative cultural initiatives that re-think, re-appropriate and/or re-use the public space in innovative and new ways. The proposed projects should be linked to the local context.

The Prince Claus Fund is particularly interested in projects that facilitate freedom of expression, stimulate dialogue and encourage cultural exchange. The Fund has a five year focus on the theme of culture and conflict and encourages project proposals related to this theme.

The Prince Claus Fund supports projects with an average grant of 20.000 Euros. This call is open to individuals and organisations based in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

15. Mai 2013
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Der Prince Claus Fund unterstützt Projekte, die auf neue Weise mit dem öffentlichen Raum umgehen.

Einsendeschluss: 15. Mai 2013

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