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Plotone (Platoon), 2005 - fortlaufend

Druckluftbehälter, Druckregler, Elektroanschlüsse, Partytröten, Plastikschläuche
Variable Maße
Courtesy Künstlerin und Galleria Franco Noero, Turin
Set in tight ranks, the cylinders of compressed air that comprise Lara Favaretto’s Plotone (Platoon) suggest a military formation. Atop each tank is a red foil party whistle, which unfurls randomly when an electronic timing device allows air to escape the cylinder’s valve, as if sticking out its tongue or giving a halfhearted salute. Evoking human traits and behaviours through the dispassionate, automated action of machines, Favaretto works within a rich tradition of modern art that, for over a century, has modelled our anxious relationship with technology. Referring to the work as a ‘defeated army’, the artist undercuts the celebratory connotations of her materials. Despite its party favours, her platoon of metaphorical soldiers can hardly be said to be celebrating; controlled by computers, it gradually exhausts itself, depleting its air reserves.

(Aus dem Katalog)


© Foto: Haupt & Binder

Lara Favaretto in Sharjah

Just Knocked Out. Modifizierte Version ihrer in MoMA PS1, New York, gezeigten Schau, 15. Dezember 2012 - 6. Februar 2013 im Bait Al Serkal, Sharjah.

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