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Homage to Albert Dadas, 2010

Homage to Albert Dadas, 2010

Erde, Messing, verborgener Metallkasten
Variable Maße
Courtesy Künstlerin; Galleria Franco Noero, Turin; und Klosterfelde, Berlin
Dedicated to a French gas worker named Albert Dadas (1860–1907), who lived in Bordeaux at the end of the nineteenth century, but who travelled far from home. Dadas suffered from dromomania, or ‘wandering fugue’, which would cause him to fall into a trance-like state and desert his job and family to travel obsessively, usually on foot. He would regularly find himself destitute and imprisoned in distant cities without having understood quite how he arrived there. Dadas’s doctor diagnosed him with ‘pathological tourism’; while his destinations varied, his walking was a means of travelling away from himself and his life.

In memory of this man—whose greatest passions occurred mostly in a state of unconsciousness, hidden from himself—Favaretto has constructed an obscuring landscape that recalls a cemetery rather than a swamp. Concealed beneath the earthen floor, a secret object lies entombed within a metal box, known only to the artist.

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© Foto: Haupt & Binder

Lara Favaretto in Sharjah

Just Knocked Out. Modifizierte Version ihrer in MoMA PS1, New York, gezeigten Schau, 15. Dezember 2012 - 6. Februar 2013 im Bait Al Serkal, Sharjah.

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