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Taipeh Biennale 2012

29. September 2012 - 13. Januar 2013, Taiwan. Thema: Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction. Kurator: Anselm Franke.
Jul 2012

The narrative-imaginary vacuum of the present bears the imprint of the systemic monstrosity of modern history. The re-visioning of modernity and the rewriting of its master narratives constitute a trans-disciplinary project of global proportions. The Taipei Biennial 2012 departs from the crisis of the imagination that plagues global capitalist culture. It explores the need for collective horizons that withstand both the clichés of modernist development and the logic of division that haunts nationalist and identity politics in the long shadow of colonialism and imperialism.

Entitled Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction, the Taipei Biennial 2012 addresses the relationship between historiography and the imaginary.

Featuring some 40 artistic projects, many of them conceived specifically for the exhibition, the Taipei Biennial 2012 is structured by a series of "mini-museums"—distinct spaces within the exhibition that function as autonomous propositions organized by various co-curators.

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29. September 2012 - 13. Januar 2013
Taipeh, Taiwan

28. September 2012

Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction

Kurator: Anselm Franke


Taipei Fine Arts Museum

181 ZhongShan North Road
Section 3, ZhongShan District
Taipei 10461

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