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Fundación Botín: Stipendien

Internationale Ausschreibung: Stipendien im Bereich visuelle Kunst. Deadline: 6. Mai 2011.
Apr 2011

Fundación Botín, a Spanish institution created in 1964, calls for submissions for its Visual Arts Grants 2011-2012.

These are for study, research and the undertaking of individual projects in the sphere of (non-theoretical) artistic work.

The call is open to individuals of any nationality with the single requirement of being between the ages of 23 - 40 for the study grants.

The exhibition agenda of the Fundación Botín will include an exhibition, which premieres the works reallized by the artists during the period covered by the grant.

Deadline for submitting applications:
6 May 2011
More information:
Fundacion Botín
Pedrueca 1
39003 Santander
Tel. +34 942 226 072

(Press release)

Internationale Ausschreibung: Stipendien im Bereich visuelle Kunst

6. Mai 2011.

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