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The Coal Prize Art & Environment 2012

Gesucht werden Kunstprojekte zu Umweltfragen. Preis: 10.000 Euro. Deadline: 12. Febr. 2012
Dez 2011

The Coal Prize Art & Environment rewards each year a project about the environment by a contemporary artist. The winner is chosen by a jury of personalities from the worlds of contemporary art, research, ecology and sustainable development, out of 10 finalists selected from an international call for entries.

The Coal Prize supports the vital role of culture and creation for taking stock and then rolling out concrete solutions. It helps to foster a culture of ecology.

Special edition: in 2012, the Coal Prize will reward entries that focus on rural issues.

The Coal Prize, worth 10 000 euros, was launched in 2010 by the French association Coal, the coalition for art and sustainable development. It comes under the auspices of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, and the National Centre of Fine Arts (CNAP).

The award of the Coal Prize 2012 attended by the finalist artists and personalities from the worlds of art and sustainable development will happen in March 2012 at Le Laboratoire (www.lelaboratoire.org/en/).

12. Februar 2012
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Pauline Schwartz


Kunstprojekte zu Umweltfragen

Preis: 10.000 Euro

12. Februar 2012

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