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Internat. Skulpturen Biennale in Resistencia, Chaco, Argentinien

Bewerbung um Teilnahme an der Internat. Skulpturen Biennale von Resistencia, Chaco, Argentinien. Deadline: 30. Nov. 2011.
Sep 2011

Resistencia, the City of Sculptures, is the capital of the Chaco Province, located in the North-East of Argentina. Its open spaces offer a generous and abundant vegetation and Art is at everybody`s reach, with more than 530 sculptures created by prestigious authors, turning the city into a modern and unparalleled outdoor museum.

The 2012 Edition of the International Sculpture Biennial calls for submissions to select 12 prestigious international artists who will realize, outdoors and in front of thousands of people, an original unedited sculpture inspired in the theme of "The Prophecy".

Awards will be the following:
First Award: U$S 7.000
Second Award: U$S 5.000
Third Award: U$S 3.000
Award of the Public: U$S 1.000
Award of the Sculptors: U$S 1.000
Award of the Children: U$S 1.000
Artists residing in South and Central America will receive U$S 2,000 a medal and a certificate; those artists residing in North America, Europe and Africa: U$S 2,500 medal and certificate, and artists residing in Asia and Oceania: U$S 3,500 medal and certificate.

All participating sculptures will be exhibited during 60 days, after which will be sited in the city as Cultural Heritage of Resistencia / Chaco, the City of Sculptures.

30. November 2011
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(Aus einer Pressemeldung)

Bewerbung um Teilnahme an der Internat. Skulpturen Biennale von Resistencia, Chaco, Argentinien, veranstaltet 21. - 28. Juli 2012.

30. November 2011

Bienal del Chaco

Fundación Urunday

Av. de los Inmigrantes 1001, CP 3500, Resistencia, Chaco

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