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Avina-Stipendien für journalistische Recherchen

Ausschreibung: Recherchen für Reportagen zu Kunst & Gesellschaft in Lateinamerika. Deadline: 1. Juli 2008.
Mai 2008

Die Fundación Avina aus Panama kooperiert mit der Casa Daros in Rio de Janeiro bei der Schaffung einer neuen Kategorie "Kunst und Gesellschaft" der Avina-Stipendien für journalistische Recherchen für nachhaltige Entwicklung. Damit sollen Reportagen über die zeitgenössische Kunstproduktion in Lateinamerika gefördert werden.

Bewerben können sich Journalisten, Fotoreporter, Redakteure, Kunstkritker etc. aus aller Welt mit Vorschlägen für journalistische Recherchen zu Beiträgen über das aktuelle Kunstgeschehen in Lateinamerika. Eine wesentliche Voraussetzung ist, dass sie bereits die Zusage eines Mediums vorweisen können, den im Ergebnis der Recherche entstandenen Beitrag zu veröffentlichen.

Hier der Wortlaut der Ausschreibung in Englisch:

Casa Daros and the Avina Foundation launch the Art and Society Category with a focus on education

Enrolment is open until 1 July for participation in the Avina Scholarships for Journalistic Research on Sustainable Development, a project created to provide the communication media and news professionals with research production on relevant themes involving the identification of sustainable development models for Latin America.

This year, a new category - Art and Society, focused on educational themes - has been added to the other five categories included in last year’s edition. The new category is the result of a partnership between the Avina Foundation and Casa Daros (Rio de Janeiro), the local representative Daros-Latinamerica, in Zurich, Switzerland, where an important collection of international research papers are preserved. The purpose of the category is to encourage the publication of reports that stimulate contemporary artistic production in Latin America.

Casa Daros – directed by Cuban-born Eugenio Valdés Figueiroa and Isabella Rosado Nunes from Rio de Janeiro, – is going to be the platform for meetings, reflections and lots of dialogue on how to articulate art, educational and communication actions and stay abreast of artistic production activities in Latin America through expositions, workshops, forums, seminars and other events. Education is a channel for these activities, inspired by a line of thought developed by Paulo Freire who said, “Teaching is knowing how to listen” and, “Education is a process that is part of horizontal interaction”. It is in this sense that education and the practice of art share a common nature. Using its on resources, Casa Daros will perpetrate this philosophy that is part of the premises that guide Daros-Latinamerica, in Zurich regarding the continuous circulation of the research collection and increasing the visibility of art production in Latin America.

Headquarters for the Avina Foundation is located in Panama and has associated with many social and business leaders in their sustainable development initiatives in Latin America.

Prize money distributed by the Avina Scholarships for Journalistic Research on Sustainable Development total US$ 250 thousand divided into six thematic categories. Besides “Art and Society”, other themes include: “Climate Changes”, “Transparency”, “Inclusive Businesses”, “Social Inclusion” and “Latin American Integration”. The largest scholarships are: US$ 6 thousand for TV proposals and US$ 4 thousand for works presented by journalists working for newspapers, magazines, internet, radio and news agencies.

Registry for the submission of papers for the Scholarship edition must be done through the Avina website, www.Avina.net (or directly through the following) by 22:00 hours (time zone: Brasilia, Brazil), on Tuesday, 1st of July of 2008.

The jury is composed by well-known specialists in the art and education areas who will choose the best proposals according to rules and conditions that can be found in the Avina website. Other themes will be judged by two jurists, each with proven excellence in their specific area.

Results will be disclosed in September of 2008 in the Avina website. The II Avina Scholarships Latin-American Meeting will be held in November (location to be announced). The event will bring together the winning authors to share information and exchange experiences.

Who can submit proposals? Reporters, photographers, “freelance” journalists, writers, editors and executive editors. In all cases, the proposals should have a geographical focus – Latin America.

Rules and further information are available in the Avina website (www.avina.net).

Last year’s Edition
In the first edition of the Avina Scholarships in 2006-2007, nearly 1,000 journalists from 24 countries presented 660 papers. A jury made up of renowned journalists and news media specialists selected 50 proposals from 14 countries that were published in national newspapers such as the Clarin and La Nacíon (Buenos Arires), “El Espectador”, (Colombia), “El Deber”, (Bolivia), Rádio CBN and the “Diário (São Paulo, Brazil)”. Prize winning projects were also published in regional or local news vehicles such as “El Tiempo”, (Cuenca, Peru) “Rádio Cutivalu”, (Peru), and international media including the “Gattopardo” and “Le Monde Diplomatique” magazines. Winning proposals were presented to more than 40 million people in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. An article was also published in a magazine that circulates in the United States and a news agency in Italy.
Sponsor Organizations
Avina Scholarships for Investigative Journalism receive support from the Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano Foundation (FNPI), Asociación de Periodistas Europeos (APE), Foro de Periodismo Argentino (Fopea), Interamerican Press Society (SIP), Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji), Instituto Prensa y Sociedad (Ipys), Agência de Notícias dos Direitos da Infância (ANDI), Communication Initiative Latin America (CILA), Alianza de Comunicadores para el Desarrollo Sostenible (ComPlus), Reporters d´Espoirs and the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas
More information:

Casa Daros
Célia Abend – Communication Manager
55 21 2275 0246


Recherchen für Beiträge über das aktuelle Kunstgeschehen in Lateinamerika

1. Juli 2008

Casa Daros

Rua General Severiano 159
BR – 22290-040 Rio de Janeiro RJ

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