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The Last Book. Aufruf zur Mitwirkung

Luis Camnitzer lädt dazu ein, sich an einer Sammlung geschriebener und visueller Deklarationen für spätere Generationen zu beteiligen.
Aug 2007

Ein Projekt von Luis Camnitzer, gefördert von der Nationalbibliothek von Spanien

The Last Book is a project to compile written as well as visual statements in which the authors may leave a legacy for future generations. The premise of the project is that book-based culture is coming to an end. On one hand, new technologies have introduced cultural mutations by transferring information to television and the Internet. On the other, there has been an increasing deterioration in the educational systems (as much in the First World as on the periphery) and a proliferation of religious and anti-intellectual fundamentalisms. The Last Book will serve as a time-capsule and leave a document and testament of our time, as well as a stimulus for a possible reactivation of culture in case of disappearance by negligence, catastrophe or conflagration.

Contributions to this project will be limited to one page and may be e-mailed to
or mailed to:

Luis Camnitzer
124 Susquehanna Ave.
Great Neck, NY, 11021
The book will be exhibited as an installation at the entrance of the Museum of the National Library of Spain in Madrid. Pages will be added during the duration of the project, with the intention of an eventual publication of an abridged version selected by Luis Camnitzer, curator of the project.

This call is open and we hope that it will be resent to as many potential contributors as possible.


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