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I / B / A / R / A / K / I , 2015 - 2016

Looking closely on the white surface, one can recognize a three-dimensional map with buildings cut out with a scalpel, and baby powder sprinkled over it like snow. This has been created by combining the maps of Ibaraki Prefecture’s 42 cities and 10 towns and 2 villages, thus producing a cityscape that melds reality and fiction.

Ort: Gebiet Kujiragaoka (Umezu Kaikan)

© Foto: Keizo KIOKU
Courtesy KENPOKU ART 2016

KENPOKU ART: Bergregion - Fotos

17. September - 20. November 2016, Norden der Präfektur Ibaraki, Japan. Generaldirektor: Fumio Nanjo. Kunst, Wissenschaft und Technologie im Dialog mit der Natur.

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