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Madiha Aijaz

These Silences Are All the Words. 2017
Fotografien und Videoprojektion

Aijaz’s work for the Karachi Biennale 2017 studies the public libraries of Karachi and the librarians who have been obstinately holding the fort at such institutions whilst the context of the city has transformed, in many cases, around them. The work itself is part of the fabric of the shelves in the Theosophical Society’s Library, one of the oldest public libraries that remains in Karachi, with publications dating back to the 1890s, perfectly consummating Aijaz’s concept and its realisation, with the artwork becoming a part of the library.

© Foto: Ali Khurshid, Courtesy KB17

Karatschi Biennale 2017

21. Oktober - 5. November 2017, 12 Orte in Karatschi, Pakistan. Konzeptioneller Rahmen: Witness. Chefkurator: Amin Gulgee

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