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Fulya Erdemci

Kuratorin der 13. Biennale Istanbul, 2013

The 13th Istanbul Biennial in 2013 is under the curatorship of Fulya Erdemci. Fulya Erdemci, who is currently Director of SKOR | Foundation For Art and Public Domain in Amsterdam.

Fulya Erdemci is a curator and writer based in Istanbul and Amsterdam. Erdemci was curator of the 2011 Pavilion of Turkey at the 54th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale. Since 2008 she has been Director of SKOR (Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte) Foundation For Art and Public Domain in Amsterdam. Her projects at SKOR include: Morality Wall: Between You and I, four facade projects in collaboration with Witte de With, Rotterdam, 2010; Actors, Agents and Attendants, international research, symposium and publication series, the first edition, Speculations on the Cultural Organisation of Civility was co-curated with Andrea Philips and Markus Miessen in 2010, and the second edition Social Housing-Housing the Social (Amsterdam 2011) with Andrea Philips.

Fulya Erdemci, was among the first directors of the Istanbul Biennial (1994-2000), was director of Proje 4L in Istanbul (2003-2004) and worked as temporary exhibitions curator at Istanbul Modern (2004-2005). She was invited to curate the Istanbul section of the 25th Biennale of São Paulo Metropolitan Iconographies: Cities in 2002 and joined the curatorial team of the 2nd Moscow Contemporary Art Biennial Footnotes on Geopolitics, Market and Amnesia (2007). Erdemci initiated the Istanbul Pedestrian Exhibitions in 2002, the first urban public space exhibition in Turkey that centred on the "pedestrian" and co-curated the second edition in 2005 with Emre Baykal. In 2008 Erdemci co-curated SCAPE Wandering Lines: Towards A New Culture of Space, the 5th Biennial of Art in Public Space in Christchurch, New Zealand with Danae Mossman, presenting the work of 25 international artists throughout the urban spaces of Christchurch city.

Erdemci has served on international advisory and selection committees, including The International Award for Excellence in Public Art initiated by the Public Art (China) and Public Art Review (United States) Shanghai, May 2012; the SAHA, Istanbul, 2012; the 12th International Cairo Biennial, Cairo, 2011; and, De Appel, Amsterdam’s, Curatorial Programme ‘10/’11 and ‘09/’10. Erdemci has taught at Bilkent University (1994–1995), Marmara University (1999–2000) and at Istanbul Bilgi University’s MA Programme in Visual Communication Design (2001–2007). Recently in 2012, she was named the Laurie Chair at Rutgers University, New Jersey.


(Presseinformation, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts)
© Foto: Evert Etzinga (Ausschnitt)

13. Biennale Istanbul

14. September - 20. Oktober 2013

Istanbul, Türkei

Mom, am I barbarian?
Siehe: konzeptioneller Rahmen

Kuratorin: Fulya Erdemci

Teilnehmer: 88 Künstler und Kollektive

Public Alchemy
Öffentliches Programm, ko-kuratiert von
Fulya Erdemci und Andrea Phillips

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts


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