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4. Gwangju Biennale, 2002


Curated by Charles Esche, Hou Hanru, and SUNG Wan Kyung, the theme of the fourth Gwangju Biennale, "P_A_U_S_E", was adopted from the Eastern concept of meditation to encourage mankind to withdraw from the rigors of contemporary society and prepare for a new leap forward. The exhibition invited the participation of non-profit and experimental art groups and movements from throughout the world to promote communication, and to propose a withdrawal from the narrative of modern art history, even from modern society itself, in an effort to build a new way forward.

Secondary focuses included the cultural and artistic growth of the host city Gwangju, on alternative art, and on communication among artist groups. 325 artists from 31 countries participated in P_A_U_S_E.


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4. Gwangju Biennale

29. März - 29. Juni 2002

Künstlerische Leitung:
Wan-Kyung Sung
Charles Esche
Hou Hanru


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