Universes in Universe

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Tiong Ang

Universality as Decorum of Thought and Desire. 2015

The workings of media images are central to Tiong Ang's multi-disciplinary installation, Universality as Decorum of Thought and Desire. This labyrinthine presentation fills an entire museum room with various projections, artifacts and posters realized in collaboration with other artists (e.g. Alejandro Ramirez, Robert Wittendorp, Heekyung Ryu and Dongyoung Lee), and evoking the sense of a corporate television studio where the visitor is submerged in an atmosphere of partially overlapping fragments, thoughts, musings, and meditations. An atmosphere that emphatically demands a different kind of sensibility –one that goes with an era characterized by multitude and division– and a corresponding awareness addressing and disrupting notions such as universal time and universality. After all, what authentic meaning is left if, for the sake of a global, transcultural discourse, compromises of universality have to be met over and over again? (Henk Slager)


© Foto: Courtesy 1. Asien Biennale &
5. Guangzhou Triennale,
Guangdong Kunstmuseum

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