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Palazzo Rota Ivancich
Castello 4421 (nahe der Piazza San Marco)
30122 Venedig
Melanie Smith:
Cuadrado Rojo, Imposible Rosa
(Rotes Quadrat, unmöglich rosa)

Melanie Smith
* 1965 Poole, Vereinigtes Königreich. Lebt in Mexiko-Stadt, Mexiko.
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Kurator: José Luis Barrios Lara
* 1961 Mexiko-Stadt, Mexiko; lebt dort.
Kommissar: Gastón Ramírez Feltrín.
* 1972 Tépic, Nayarit, Mexiko. Lebt in Venedig, Italien.
Red Square Impossible Pink is an exploration on the frame as the aesthetic and political limit of representation in art. In Melanie Smith’s work the pictorial question on the frame as a limit has driven large part of her artistic research. By questioning the aesthetic and artistic practices of modernity - particularly the relationship between abstraction and utopia in Suprematism - this project works on the displacements and variations this utopia has produced in Latin American geo-esthetical emplacements. Thus, Smith tackles the issue of the transformation of utopias as artistic projections into heterotopias as productions of social and political experience in Latin America.


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