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Biennale Venedig 2011: Kollaterale Events

Anastasia Khoroshilova
Starie Novosti (Old News)
Biblioteca Zenobiana del Temanza, Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena, Dorsoduro 1602 (Corte Zappa)
from June 2 to November 27
Starie Novosti features an installation with 9 photo lightboxes. The work addresses the fickle nature of social memory. It is based on Khoroshilova's documentation and research in Beslan (Russia), which became globally infamous for one of the most cruel terrorist acts of the past decade.
Organization: Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Anton Ginzburg: At the Back of the North Wind
Palazzo Bollani, Castello 3647
from June 1 to November 27
Large-scale sculptures, a video installation, photography and works on paper document a journey in search of Hyperborea, a mythical land of the Golden Age. It starts in the American Northwest, continuing in St. Petersburg and concludes in the Russian Northern Territories, site of the gulag camps.
Organization: Blaffer Art Museum at the University of Houston; Artpace San Antonio
www.class.uh.edu/blaffer - www.artpace.org

ArtSway’s New Forest Pavilion
Palazzo Zenobio, Dorsoduro 2596
(Fondamenta del Soccorso)
from June 4 to June 26
ArtSway’s New Forest Pavilion features UK based artists Gayle Chong Kwan, Dave Lewis, Hew Locke, Mike Marshall, Christopher Orr and Sophy Rickett. All have been commissioned to make new artworks by ArtSway and a range of partner organizations, including the Arts University College at Bournemouth.
Organization: ArtSway

San Giorgio Maggiore Island, Basilica di San Giorgio
from June 1 to November 27
"What I am interested in is the idea of the immaterial becoming an object". (Anish Kapoor) Spirituality and spectacularity make this art work a clear example of that branch of the contemporary art research which does not want just to surprise, but that wants to offer the start for reflections on actual and delicate issues.
Organization: Arte Continua - associazione culturale

Barry X Ball. Portraits and Masterpieces
Ca' Rezzonico - Museo del Settecento veneziano, Fondamenta Rezzonico 3136
from June 4 to September 11
Portraits and Masterpieces, a solo exhibition of American sculptor Barry X Ball (1955), features around twenty installations exhibited on the three floors of the museum: portraits of artworld celebrities cast in unusual marble and Purity and Envy, two sculptures of the museum by Antonio Corradini and Orazio Marinali digitally scanned in 3D.
Organization: Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia

Call the Witness
Roma Pavilion
UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Palazzo Zorzi, Castello 4930
from June 1 to October 9
A makeshift exhibition evolving over time through the flux of "testimonies" - works of art, performances, talks, and conversations by and with artists, philosophers, and politicians - Call the Witness considers the situation of the Roma and Roma art as emblematic for the world today, and in solidarity speculates about more hopeful futures. The project is realized by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst.
Organization: Open Society Foundations
www.soros.org/initiatives/arts - www.callthewitness.net

Catalonia and the Balearic Islands at Venice. Mabel Palacin: 180º
S.a.L.E. Docks, Magazzino del Sale n.2, Zattere, Dorsoduro 265
from June 4 to October 30
The title 180º alludes to the relationship established between the camera and the spectator in cinema. Overlapping cinema, photography and video, Mabel Palacín's project reflects on the manifold quality of the image, it's non-univocal character and the role of the user in constructing different narratives.
Organization: Institut Ramon Llull
www.llull.cat - www.Mabelpalacin180.cat


Stefano Cagol
Chiesa di San Gallo, San Marco 1103 (Campo San Gallo)
from May 31 to November 27
What does Cuba have to do with New York City? The 16th century Council of Trent with the Schengen Agreement? The "parallel convergences" of Italian politician Aldo Moro with pyramids? In the solo show by Stefano Cagol curated by Gregor Jansen, new oxymora are triggered - through video and installation - by signalling and dialoguing actions that hit political borders, natural borders, mental borders.
Organizations: Mart - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto;
Fondazione Galleria Civica - Center of Research on Contemporaneity of Trento
www.mart.tn.it - www.fondazionegalleriacivica.tn.it

Cracked Culture? The Quest for Identity in Contemporary Chinese Art
Convento del Santo Spirito, Dorsoduro 460
Palazzo Giustinian Recanati, Dorsoduro 1012
from June 1 to Sptember 15
Chinese artists today are intensely conflicted between East and West, tradition and modernity. Often, their display in the world reflects the choices of Western curators and investors. This exhibition looks from a different perspective. New Chinese art tries to reveal its more authentic face in a confrontation with Venice spaces and artistic backgrounds.
Organization: Guangdong Museum of Art

Cristiano Pintaldi: Lucid Dreams
Ex Cantiere Navale, Castello 40 (San Pietro di Castello)
from June 4 to October 31
Who shapes our perception of reality and how? The misleading "truth" conveyed by the systems of power through mass media is the key theme of the exhibition, developed by the artist’s paintings that reproduce the same tripartite decomposition of TV and computer monitor.
Organization: Associazione Opera Rebis

Days of Yi
Spiazzi, Arsenale, Castello 3865
from June 4 to November 27
Days of Yi portrays the journey of the multimedia artist Yi Zhou. The show, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva and Chang Tsong-zung, tends to underline a personal journey from obscure unconscious early youthful views about universal disasters and nature; panning through transitional moments of personal search for identity; till the reaching of light and hope through a better understanding of oneself and of the future in the adulthood realm.
Organization: Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai

Dmitri Prigov: Dmitri Prigov
Università Ca' Foscari, Dorsoduro 3246 (Calle Foscari)
from June 1 to October 15
Via a selfish, fragile and transparent poetry Dmitri Prigov manifests himself as both textual manipulator and victim of language. World of dreams and death, angels and monsters, blood and all-dominating eye stands out of thousands of his drawings, installations and videos. The exhibition is curated by Dimitri Ozerkov.
Organization: The State Hermitage Museum, Hermitage 20/21 Project for Contemporary Art

Urban Screen Network for the Digital and Interactive Arts
Piazzale della Stazione Santa Lucia, Riva Ca’ di Dio,
Campo San Anzolo, Campo San Vio
from June 1 to July 31
Dropstuff.eu is an Urban Screen Network for the Digital and Interactive Arts. It offers a platform for interactive media art and artistic games in public squares, in train and subway stations, museums, schools, libraries and art schools and through the website www.dropstuff.eu.
Organization: Dropstuff.nl / Pleinmuseum Foundation

Frog-topia Hong-kornucopia
Arsenale, Campo della Tana, Castello 2126
from June 4 to November 27
Frog King, China’s first performance artist, has adopted a frog as his symbol and alter ego. Frog-topia is the mental construct in which he locates his artistic values. The artist - who is based in Hong Kong, China, and exhibits internationally - uses Frog-topia as his way to transcend the artistic conventions found in every form of media.
Organization: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Future Generation Art Prize @ Venice
Palazzo Papadopoli, San Polo 1364
from June 3 to August 7
The Future Generation Art Prize is a worldwide contemporary art prize to discover, recognize and give long-term support to a future generation of artists up to 35. With 19 artists from all continents and 17 different countries the Prize opens an exciting global view on a new generation.
Organization: PinchukArtCentre; Victor Pinchuk Foundation
www.pinchukartcentre.org - www.pinchukfund.org

Future Pass
Abbazia di San Gregorio, Dorsoduro 172
Palazzo Mangilli-Valmarana, Cannaregio 4392 (Campo Santi Apostoli)
from June 4 to November 6
Over 100 artists, Asian and not, who offer a panorama on the new aesthetics coming from Asia, explaining their relation with the rest of the world: a possible access to Future, in pursuit of the digital culture of the 21st century, the eclecticism and the contamination of genres and disciplines.
Organization: UNEEC Foundation for Culture and Education , Today Art Museum , Wereldmuseum , National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Fondazione Claudio Buziol
foundation.uneec.com - www.todayartmuseum.com
www.wereldmuseum.nl - www.ntmofa.gov.tw
>> weitere Informationen

Glasstress 2011
Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti, Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, Campo Santo Stefano 2847
Berengo Centre for Contemporary Art and Glass, Campiello della Pescheria, Murano
Wake Forest University (garden), Dorsoduro 699
from June 4 to November 27
The theme of Glasstress 2011 is the complex relationship that ties art, design and architecture together in an age thought to have moved beyond modernism. The exhibition addresses this issue through glass sculptures made by international artists and through objects and sculptures made by designers, whose research was influenced by the formal aspect of the use of the object.
Organization: MAD - Museum of Arts and Design
www.madmuseum.org - www.glasstress.org

I Miss My Enemies
Sala del Camino, Giudecca 621 (Campo San Cosmo)
from June 4 to July 3
Can enmity evolve into friendship? The mystique of propagandized menace. Declaration of enmity as a first step towards new understanding. Frightening enemies of childhood, real or imagined enemies of today. The event is curated by Oxana Maleeva.
Organization: The Palaces of the Russian Museum Restoration Fund

Karla Black
Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina, Cannaregio 6103 (Calle delle Erbe)
from June 4 to November 27
Hovering between energy and mass is this solo exhibition of brand new 'almost objects. A raw vastness of pure material and colour - pulverised, atomised, piled, layered, supported, suspended and spilled out onto the floor - offers a visceral experience of absorption in the material world.
Organization: Scotland + Venice

Lech Majewski / Bruegel Suite
Chiesa di San Lio, Castello 5661
Campo San Pantalon, Dorsoduro 3711
from June 4 to November 27
In this digital tapestry woven out of layer upon layer of perspective, atmospheric phenomena and acts of violence, the viewer steps into the world of Peter Bruegel. This is where the old master meets the CG technology. In a form inspired by Bruegel's Way to Calvary two sacrifices, one anonymous, the other mythical, are projected on either side of the altar.
Organization: Angelus Silesius Society

Le Festin de Chun-te
Scoletta dei Battioro e Tiraoro, Campo San Stae 1980
from June 1 to October 10
The solo show of Taiwanese artist Hsieh Chun-te includes 21 staged photographs of big format, an installation and a cooking theater performance since he has been responsible for one of the top restaurants in the world. His creation discusses the relation between life, death and desire.
Organization: Museum of Contemporary Art of Taipei (MoCA, Taipei)

Menglong - Darkness
Sala San Tommaso, Castello (Campo San Giovanni e Paolo)
from June 4 to September 9
The spectacular works of the three artists in the show, varying from painting to video to three-dimensional, hide torments and individual fears accompanied by dark hues of melancholy. These stories of the single subjects intersect with those of the community, and try, with the language of art, to make light in the spaces of the shadow, and to illuminate the darkness.
Organization: Nanjing 4 Cube Museum of Contemporary Art

Mobility & Memory
Arsenale, Castello 2126/A (Campo della Tana)
from June 3 to December 4
This is the third participation of the Macao Museum of Art, under the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, in the International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia. The theme for the call for exhibit proposal is ‘Mobility & Memory’. In a rapid changing environment, how can we deal with our cultural values and the new impact?
Organization: The Macao Museum of Art - Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macau

Alliance française de Venise, Casino Venier, San Marco 4939
from June 1 to June 30 and from September 3 to September 30
The show presents French artist Roger de Montebello's new concept: Megachromia. Megachromia is an attempt to combine the capabilities of painting and of photography by swapping the traditional roles attributed to each. Megachromia is a contemporary homage to painting.
Organization: Alliance française de Venise

Neoludica. Art is a Game 2011-1966
Scuola dei Laneri, Sala Laneri, Santa Croce 131/131/A (Tolentini);
from June 1 to November 27
Centro Culturale Candiani, Mestre
from June 1 to October 31
The Art is a game, as Duchamp used to say. Videogames are art and nowadays they have a strong social impact. The event, in World Premier, intend to promote the scientific work of GameArtGallery project, bravely diging the connections between videogames-visual arts-music-cinema.
Organization: Associazione culturale E-Ludo Lab
www.e-ludo.it - www.neoludica.it

One of a Thousand Ways to Defeat Entropy
Arsenale Novissimo Nappa 89
from June 3 to November 27
An international group exhibition about entropy featuring newly commissioned installations by Alexander Ponomarev (Russia), Hans Op de Beeck (Belgium), Adrian Ghenie (Romania) and Ryoichi Kurokawa (Japan). The event is curated by Alexander Ponomarev and co-curated by Nadim Samman.
Organization: AVC Charity Foundation ; The Courtauld Institute of Art

outside itself
Arsenale Novissimo Nappa 90
from June 4 to October 31
A site-specific project. Data sculpture assembled by robotic machines and untouched by human hands from concept to materialization. Thousands of balls representing individual photons, composed and put together by robots. outside itself represents the light, which is not rational but ecstatic.
Organization: DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

Passage 2011
An actionistic, transalpine drama
Scuola dell’ Angelo Custode, Cannaregio 4448 (Campo Santi Apostoli)
from June 5 to September 11
Bare handed the artists will drag a self-made boat over the Alps. Sisyphean exertion characterizes the mission, whose apparent aim is to launch the boat into the lagoon in time for the Biennale to eventually celebrate the victory of art over nature in a triumphal journey up the Canal Grande or to fail dramatically.
Organization: Pilotraum 01 e. V.

Personal Structures
Palazzo Bembo, San Marco 4785 (Riva del Carbon)
from June 4 to November 27
This exhibition presents 28 artists from 12 countries and 5 continents in an extraordinary combination, established artists next to artists whose oeuvre is less known. Strong statements, each artist presenting new artworks in his own space, site-specific and/or directly from the artist’s studio.
Organization: Global Art Affairs Foundation
www.globalartaffairs.org - www.venice-exhibitions.org

Pino Pascali. Return to Venice / Apulian Contemporary Art
Palazzo Michiel dal Brusà, Cannaregio 4391/A (Strada Nova)
from June 1 to August 1
Pino Pascali, 1968 Sculpture Prize winner, comes back to Venice with an exhibition of his less renown works, some of which unreleased, linked to a multi-section project featuring the artist’s recent artistic and cultural activity in Apulia, halfway between innovation and exploration of the territory.
Organization: Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali

Certosa Island
from June 1 to November 6
Rebel is a site-specific film installation created by James Franco in collaboration with Douglas Gordon, Harmony Korine, Paul McCarthy, Ed Ruscha, Aaron Young, and curator Dominic Sidhu. Rebel exists as equal parts biography, diary, narrative, and documentary. The film’s conceptual premise unites the myth-making allure of cinema and contemporary art, and acts as interrogative ode to Hollywood iconography.
Organization: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA)

Round the Clock
Arsenale Novissimo Spazio Thetis
from June 1 to October 30
Round the Clock è un dialogo tra arte ed ecosistemi sostenibili, un’esposizione di artisti internazionali che mediante l’energia delle opere - fotografie, installazioni, video, sculture - allacciano percorsi e attraversano tentativi con materiali come carta, cartone, cenere, plastica, plexiglass, ferro, vetro, acqua, tessuto.
Organization: Di Segno in Segno

The Future of a Promise
Magazzino del Sale n. 5 , Zattere, Dorsoduro
from May 31 to November 20
A landmark showcase of the leading contemporary artists from across the Arab World, The Future of a Promise addresses the socio-political and cultural promises defining the Arab world today, and examines how the selected artists each engage with the uncertainty within its rapidly evolving landscape.
Organization: Edge of Arabia
>> weitere Informationen

The Heard and the Unheard - Soundscape Taiwan
Palazzo delle Prigioni, Castello 4209 (San Marco)
from June 4 to November 27
The exhibition presents the artists Wang Hong-Kai and Su Yu-Hsien, and features a "Sound Library/Bar" - a sampling of non-mainstream sounds, both historical and contemporary, from Taiwan. Here, sound serves not only as content, but also as metaphor for political action, initiating an experience of multi-layer aural narratives merging in "global-local" contexts.
Organization: Taipei Fine Arts Museum of Taiwan
>> weitere Informationen

Tim Davies
Ludoteca Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, Castello 450
from June 4 to November 27
Tim Davies, curated by Tom Rowland, presents new and recent work. This multi-media installation includes three-dimensional pieces, works on paper and performative site-responsive videos. The various media cohere through their common exploration of built structures and socio-political themes.
Organization: Arts Council of Wales

Venice in Venice
Glow and Reflection - Venice California Art from 1960 to the Present
Palazzo Contarini dagli Scrigni, Dorsoduro 1057/C
from June 4 to July 31
"It’s about artists in Venice, CA who made things based upon an entirely unique vision - art. Not based on your car, your house, your sky, your woman, your tears, your anguish, your angst, or any other reference to the human condition." (Billy Al Bengston)
Organization: Foundation 20 21
www.2021.org - www.nyehaus.com/veniceinvenice

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Biennale Venedig 2011

54. Internationale Kunstausstellung
4. Juni - 27. Nov. 2011

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