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Authentic / Ex-centric: Conceptualism in Contemporary African Art

Herausgeber: Salah M. Hassan y Olu Oguibe

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The essays in this book offer a fresh look at conceptualism from an African standpoint, and at issues of cross-cultural and trans-national aesthetics. All emphasize the importance of examining the reciprocal traffic of influences between Africa and the rest of the world. They offer a glimpse of the ways in which African and African Diaspora artists have interpreted and translated the aesthetic and social experiences of post-colonial Africa into new idioms of artistic expression and it is our hope that both exhibition and book will help bring the contributions of African artists in this understudied area to the fore.




Authentic / Ex-centric: Conceptualism in Contemporary African Art
Salah M. Hassan y Olu Oguibe

lnsertions: Self and Other in Contemporary African Art
Salah M.Hassan

Strangers and Citizens
Olu Oguibe

Where, What, Who, When: A Few Notes on 'African' Conceptualism
Okwui Enwezor

The FLAT Gallery: Conceptual Practices In Durban, South Africa
Siemon Allen

Making/Breaking Bread: Willem Boshof's Panifice
Rory Doepel

María Magdalena Campos Pons: 1990-2001
Sally Berger

Requiems for the Heavyweights: Race, Representation and Universality in the Art of Godfried Donkor
Christian Viverous-Fauné

Rachid Koraїchi: A celestial Architecture
Maryline Lostia

Skin Deep / Bodies of Evidence: The Work of Bernie Searle
Annie E. Coombes

The Visible and the Invisible: The Work of Zineb Sedira

Tricking the Mind: The Work of Yinka Shonibare
Okwui Enwezor


Artists' Biographies

List of Works in the Exhbition

Notes on Contributors

A publication of the Forum for African Arts, 2001

Authentic / Ex-centric: Afrika innerhalb und außerhalb Afrikas

49. Internationale Kunstausstellung, La Biennale di Venezia

10. Juni – 4. November 2001

Kuratoren: Salah Hassan and Olu Oguibe
Assoziierte Kuratorin: Emma Bedford

Künstlerinnen und Künstler: Willem Boshoff, María Magdalena Campos-Pons, Godfried Donkor, Rachid Koraїchi, Berni Searle, Zineb Sedira, Yinka Shonibare

Ort: Palazzo Fondazione Levi, San Marco, Venedig

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© Texte: Salah M. Hassan and Olu Oguibe.
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