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Erick Beltrán - Kommunikationskampagne

Die Biennale de Lyon hat den mexikanischen Künstler Erick Beltrán ausgewählt, ihr visuelles Erscheinungsbild 2011 zu gestalten. Erick Beltrán produziert eine Reihe von Gesichtern, die im Rahmen der Werbekampagne in der ganzen Stadt zu sehen sein werden.

A word from Erick Beltrán

Yeats’ proposition of beauty arrives within a confrontational moment. It was conceived at the center of a problem (epistemological knot) which ultimately grants identity. Beauty as a territory of contradictions and non concessive questions.

In the same pathway the 11th Biennale de Lyon’s image proposes:

Beauty is an ideological proposition and not exclusively a formal or aesthetic solution.

The origin of ideas is blending and multiplicity. Fusion generated in creation opens and enriches our language and referential iconic frame continuously.

These assemblies tend to acquire a life of their own, since they suggest a tacit system similar to cells reproducing and combining from a auto generated order.

These forms at the same time are affected by subconscious patterns which allow irrational and uncontrollable solutions.

Continuity of the idea of a convulsive beauty.

Since the basic units used for the graphic image are fragments of faces, we can see the complete collection as an archive of references and footnotes to by combined as neologisms in a new text : the biennale itself.

It is exponential and could be used by anyone, anywhere.

(Aus Presseinformationen)

11. Biennale Lyon

15. September -
31. Dezember 2011

Lyon, Frankreich

Victoria Noorthoorn

Künstlerischer Leiter:
Thierry Raspail

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