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Öffentliche Aktion von José Luis Macas

On Saturday 22 September, the artist José Luis Macas (Quito, 1983), official guest of the XIV Cuenca Biennial, together with a group of volunteers carried out a procession/action, following the alignment of Mount Guagualzhumi and Mount Cajas.

In the artist's words: "It is a matter of returning to the layout of the route of the sun during the equinox, but emphasizing its relationship with the current urban fabric of the city of Cuenca. The procession was carried out by means of a procession that took some elements of the Andean-Equatorial festive ritual, in combination with agents and expressions of contemporary visual arts".

The project was done in collaboration of the Cuenca Biennial Municipal Foundation, participants of the Course of Mediators for the XIV Biennial, Colectivo Pawana Ñan (Roberto Ochoa, Pablo Galindo, Tue Miranda), Mesa Provincial de Agroecología, Kolectivo La Komuna, Asociación Intercultural de Yachaks AIYAPU PUMAPUNGO.

Video produced by Gabriela Cajas, Paola Encalada, Jairo Loja, Andrés López, Geovanny Orellana y Alexander Padilla, students of Social Communication at the Salesian Polytechnic University

© Video: Courtesy Biennale Cuenca

14. Biennale Cuenca 2018

23. November 2018 - 3. Februar 2019, Cuenca, Ecuador. Lebendige Strukturen: Kunst als eine plurale Erfahrung. Chefkurator: Jesús Fuenmayor. Kurator Bildungsprogramm: Félix Suazo

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