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Stephanie Syjuco

Money Factory: Economic Reality Game. 2015
Mixed-media Installation
Variable Maße
Installationsansicht: 2015 Asian Art Biennial, Taiwan

This work engages museum visitors to playfully yet critically explore a contemporary economic predicament faced by Taiwan’s young people: the high cost of living the “good life” and what it would take for them to literally afford it. Visitors are invited to sit together and cut and glue stacks of simulated Taiwanese bank notes in order to “make money” which they can then “spend” by purchasing souvenir cards that represent desirable life goals: starting a family, buying a car, buying a house, opening a small business, etc.


© Foto: Courtesy Stephanie Syjuco
und die Asian Art Biennial

Asian Art Biennial 2015

19. September - 6. Dezember 2015, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung. Thema: Artist Making Movement. Kuratorin: Iris Shu-Ping HUANG.

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