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Rina Banerjee

Explores not fortune tellers travel back and forth at last to tell you whats not and whats what, they may be made of every leather this head looks to too many paths curious of all that appears vast, whats remote and feathered and repulsive can. 2014

Im Hintergrund:
Disrobed, torn, ripped by wind, in open ocean, in land, in this far, far exterior shipwrecked with boastful flesh on land's edge she landed. 2014
Gargantuan Crawler. 2014
Sweet Baby. 2014
Installationsansicht: 2015 Asian Art Biennial, Taiwan


© Foto: Courtesy Asian Art Biennial

Asian Art Biennial 2015

19. September - 6. Dezember 2015, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung. Thema: Artist Making Movement. Kuratorin: Iris Shu-Ping HUANG.

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