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Northern chapel

The larger one of the two northern chapels is divided by a step and railing into two clearly defined areas.

This western area is irregular with sides about four meters long and is decorated with four fruit trees, one in each corner, oriented toward the center of the room. Between the trees there are three pairs of animals.

The east side is occupied by a dedicatory inscription, “O Lord, accept the offering of those who have offered, and are offering, to the temple of the Holy Apostles in memory of the Priest John, for the zeal of the Deacon Anastasius.”

(From: Michele Piccirillo, page 106)

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Church of the Apostles

A magnificent mosaic floor, created in 578, not disfigured by iconoclasts. In the center it has the famous medallion with a personification of the Sea.

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