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Church of the Virgin Mary

The main pavement is a re-making of a mosaic floor which had been laid at the time of the construction of the church (end of the 6th/beginning of the 7th cent.). The well-preserved mosaic was constructed during the Umayyad period when the church was restored.

The mosaic consists of a square frame decorated on the outer edge by a series of serrated points. In the center are a round medallion and an inscription which are enclosed in a guilloche. In turn, two interwoven squares, which form a star, surround the central design which lies inside another circle. Finally, all of this is enclosed in a circular border made up of interlaced smaller circles.

In the spaces between the square frame and the circular composition are two pairs of geometric-floral motifs. Next to each one of the eastern pair, which are in the form of rosettes, there is a tray of fruit with a knife.

A square containing a Solomonic knot in a circle is superimposed on the grid at the entrance from the west. Flowers, leaves, stylized fruit and diamonds fill the empty spaces of the mosaic’s white background.

(From: Michele Piccirillo, page 65)

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Archaeological Park 1

Eastern section: Exhibition of mosaics, Hippolytus Hall, Virgin Mary Church, Crypt of St. Elianus, Roman Street, the Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration.

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