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BALADK Street & Urban Art Festival 2019

BALADK Street & Urban Art Festival 2019

25. April - 2. Mai 2019

Titel der 7. Edition: Inclusion

Veranstalter und Kurator: Al Balad Theater
Kontakt / Karte

10 Teilnehmer aus Jordanien, 5 aus Europa und 1 Gruppe aus Kolumbien

Al Balad's Street & Urban Art Festival takes place in its 7th edition from 25 April - 2 May 2019. Featuring urban art, murals, graffiti, artist talks and workshops, it provides a platform for emerging and established artists to connect, learn and create. Five visual and urban artists from Europe and one group from Colombia will partner with Jordanian artists for a cultural celebration in various locations in Amman.

Thema des Festivals: Inclusion

We live in a world where people are labelled and segregated based on differences that for the most part are negligible if we look at the bigger picture. So let us consider what will happen if we shift into listening and understanding each other instead, and banishing our ignorance and fear of these differences. Can we focus more on our similarities and listening to each others’ stories and welcome and learn from one another?

Mehr zum Thema

How about creating art and murals around the street to open up conversations about those who are excluded, exploring the causes, context, and effects? What does inclusion look like? How do we include and how do we exclude?

Express your artistic interpretations of inclusion and explore the similarities and differences between us as individuals in the bodies that we live in. How does a person’s gender, appearance and status affect other people's assumptions that end up, whether deliberately or unintentionally, excluding or including them? How does that translate into a grander scheme of living within a community? Creating integrated systems and spaces that help in including individuals and having spaces that do the exact opposite. How can we construct integrated systems and spaces that are inclusive in contrast with spaces that do the exact opposite?


The 7th BALADK Festival presents five participants coming from Europe and one group from Colombia. It includes 10 Jordanian artists with various experiences, some painting a mural for the first time, others being key figures in the street art scene. The festival's program will also highlight youth and artistic workshops, artist talks, panel discussions, live mural viewings, basics on fundraising training, and free post-festival merchandise.

BALADK is supported by multiple local, regional and international organizations, including the Greater Amman Municipality, Tamasi Collective, EUNIC Jordan, AFD - Agence Française de Développement, Embassy of Sweden in Amman, Colombian Embassy, Societá Dante Alighieri Comitato Di Amman, Montana Cans (official), National Paints and Stadt.Wand.Kunst, as well as individuals who strongly belief in the growing street art movement in Jordan.

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Baladk Street Art Festival

c/o Al Balad Theatre
12 Yazid bin Abi Sufian St.
Jabal Amman 1st circle

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