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Baladk Street Art Festival 2018

Baladk Street Art Festival 2018

Baladk started in Amman in 2013 as a street art project initiated by a group of friends and volunteers of Al Balad Theater with the objective of linking the Theater’s goals and visions with the community, emphasizing the principle that exposure to art is a right regardless of social or cultural background. A collective of local emerging artists and musicians residing in the area successfully implemented the first project. It became an annual festival that brings together artists, art groups, and community organizations, empowering citizenship through different forms of street art, primarily murals.

The 6th edition of Baladk Street Art Festival took place in Amman from 5 -13 May 2018, bringing together street and graffiti artists from Jordan, the region and Europe. Organized and curated by Al Balad Theater, this year's partnerships included the EU National Institutes for Culture, the Greater Amman Municipality, Tamasi Collective, the French Agency for Development, the Goethe Institute, the Swedish Institute, the Swedish Embassy, Montana Cans and National Paints. The cooperation with EUNIC, the Goethe Institute and the Swedish institutions enabled the invitation of five European artists for the first time.

Under the overall theme “The People,” the participants created works reflecting on how they perceive people around them, their interactions and appreciation of human life. Baladk selected walls for the murals in various parts of Amman making sure that they are visible and accessible, and in diverse neighborhoods of the city. Being Baladk's mission also to connect artists, the Festival advocated for joint projects and collaborations, offering young talents the chance to accompany participating graffiti artists as they create their pieces around the city. The 6th edition of Baladk included a one day workshop for selected artists to meet, discuss and network.

Participating Artists 2018

Hombre SUK - Germany
Suhaib Attar - Jordan
Lucie Legrand - France
Nadja Jevanovic - Serbia/Croatia
Gustaf Engstrom - Sweden
Dina Saadi - Dubai, UAE
Dina Aqel - Jordan
Joanna Arida - Jordan
Miramar Mohammed - Jordan
Dalal Mitwally - Jordan
Phoebe Rossman - Jordan
Ibrahim Tennorioux - Jordan
Maha Hindi - Jordan
Hind Al Far - Jordan
Rawaa Qudah - Jordan
Bayan Kiwan - Jordan

(From information provided by Baladk)

Photos of works


Baladk Street Art Festival

c/o Al Balad Theatre
12 Yazid bin Abi Sufian St.
Jabal Amman 1st circle

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