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Course on Curating Contemporary Design

ADW - 2018 Activities

Intro Course on Curating Contemporary Design in the Middle East

1 April - 15 May 2018
Amman, Jordan

Amman Design Week (ADW) is an immersive experience in local and regional design and culture. Focused on creating a forum for learning, exchange and collaboration, this platform empowers designers through its comprehensive program of large-scale curated exhibitions, workshops, talks, and events.

The team behind Amman Design Week launches a 6-week intensive course titled Introduction to Curating Contemporary Design in the Middle East. This course will be the first of its kind in the region, and will be led by regional and international facilitators, who will touch on various theoretical and practical areas of curation from conceptualization and ideation, to exhibition development & execution and communications. It will also shed light on common challenges curators face by exploring a number of regional and international case studies, and will also offer an introduction to the realities of contemporary design practices in the Middle East.

The course invites artists, designers, writers, activists, or other creative practitioners who are involved or want to be involved with curatorial practice to apply in order to participate in the six-week course (deadline: 15 March 2018). The course will comprise of workshops, talks, seminars, and field trips, and act as mentors to develop participants’ exhibition concepts and ideas, and will offer a hands-on experience, taught through the development of personal work and the introduction of case-studies.

Some of these regional and international facilitators include:
Huda Abi Fares (Khatt Foundation, the Netherlands), Mohammad Elshahed (The Cairobserver/ The British Museum, Egypt/ UK), Joy Mardini (Joy Mardini Design Gallery, Beirut), Junia Elli Jorgji (National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa), Ammar Khammash (Khammash Architects, Jordan), Sahel Al Hiyari (Sahel Al Hiyari Architects, Jordan), Mohammad Al Asad (Center for the Study of the Built Environment, Jordan), Rawan Kashkoush (Dubai Design Week, UAE), Noor Al Dabbagh (Banafsajeel, KSA/UAE) and Ahmad Humeid (Syntax, Jordan), with more facilitators to be announced soon.

Curating Contemporary Design comes at a time where Amman Design Week is exploring new formats for its next edition, and is interested in introducing and building curatorial and critical capacities in Jordan, and providing more opportunities to those interested in curatorial practice. Given the state of the emerging design scene, the course comes as an important step towards building a more inclusive interpretation and reflection on curatorial direction in design, and building an understanding of the local context and the role that institutions and initiatives, such as Amman Design Week, can play in engaging multiple voices and perspectives, not just for Jordan, but for the region as a whole.

The course is organized by Amman Design Week’s team:
Director & Co-founder: Rana Beiruti; Exhibitions & Programs: Sataan al Hassan; Finance & Logistics: Walid Jankhut; Marketing & Communications: Yara Hindawi; PR & Media: Raja’ Urabi; Graphic Design: Rasha Tabbalat; Production: Rana Zeidan; Events: Ghalia al Saheb.

Organizer, contact:
Amman Design Week
Amman 11814
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