Amman Design Week

ADW Einführungskurs
1. April - 15. Mai 2018, Amman, Jordanien

Amman Design Week 2017

Amman Design Week 2017

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As a platform for local and regional design and culture, Amman Design Week is focused on creating a forum for learning, exchange and collaboration.

With the evolution of technology, science, and crafts, designers contribute new solutions that define how communities and individuals can develop through conscious design. With the intellectual, cultural, and commercial vitality in Jordan, both local and regional designers have an exceptional point of departure to set off a series of rhythms, a new pace of life, and new attitudes.

Amman Design Week is an annual connecting point – one that illustrates the creative power that is generated when designers and innovators come together.

The first iteration of Amman Design Week was ignited by a spark. It came together through the synergy of unified movements; a delicate choreography combining ambitions, skills, and talents dedicated to develop and drive design initiatives that improve lives and bolster Jordan’s creative economy. In 2017, that original spark builds momentum and evolves into a full fledged movement.

ADW Directors Rana Beiruti & Abeer Seikaly emphasize: "We challenged ourselves in 2017 to instigate change that is widespread – decentralizing our efforts from our capital city and reaching new neighborhoods, connecting with new ideas, inspirations, and people, and bringing our designers closer to the region and the world."

The Crafts District

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