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After our walk through the historic quarter of Candelaria and the city’s center-north, in this tour through the Teusaquillo neighborhood we will visit several art venues and other interesting places by car or other means of transport.

Teusaquillo is at the geographic center of Bogota, northwest of the historic quarter. It is situated between Av. Caracas (Carrera 14) and Carrera 68 from east to west, and from the intersection of Calle 26 and Av. de las Américas to Calle 63 from south to north.

Teusaquillo has a significant cultural offer. According to the Secretariat of Culture of the City, it has more than five hundred cultural organizations, tourist attractions and heritage sites. It is also a referent for the beginning of modern architecture in Bogota.

At the heart of Teusaquillo lies the National University of Colombia’s main campus. Its diverse buildings are clear examples of the last 60 years in Colombian architecture. Of these buildings, 17 have been declared National Monument. On campus, we visit the Art Museum and its “Selva Cosmopolítica” exhibition with works related to the culture and wildlife of the Amazon basin.

Before we get to Teusaquillo, if we take Calle 26 or Avenida El Dorado, which leads to the airport, we will stop at the Central Cemetery (in the neighboring area of Los Mártires) in order to visit the Remembrance, Peace and Reconciliation Center and the art intervention of Beatriz González in the old columbaria.

Between Avenida El Dorado and Avenida de las Américas, we find Corferias, the International Business and Exhibitions Center of the city. Corferias is the venue of ARTBO, the International Art Fair of Bogota, an annual event that attracts the highest number of international art visitors to the city during the Month of Art.

Crossing Avenida de las Americas, in the neighboring district of Puente Aranda, we visit the Textura Cultural Center. During ARTBO, this independent space was home to the parallel fair El Millón and the art and technology exhibition Voltaje.

Continuing our tour in Teusaquillo, we visit the Virgilio Barco Public Library, designed by the famous Colombian architect Rogelio Salmona. The library is surrounded by parks and leisure complexes making up the Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park, Bogota’s biggest urban park.

Nearby, as we continue northwestward on Calle 63, now in the neighborhood of Barrios Unidos, we come to the Botanical Gardens. Apart from offering the diversity of Colombian plant life, especially from the savanna of Bogota, artistic projects such as “El Bosque intervenido” – a series of on-site works of art during the ARTBO fair – are regularly exhibited here.

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Teusaquillo and surroundings

Exhibitions in the Teusaquillo neighborhood and surroundings, including projects in the Botanical Garden, during the Month of the Art 2014 in Bogotá.

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