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Hernando Velandia:
Latitudes de un paisaje evanescente
October - December 2014

LA galería

Calle 77 # 12-03, local 101

Hernando Velandia
* 1966 Bogotá, Colombia.

Curator: Christian Padilla

The blurred vanishing landscape is a suitable analogy to the reflection elaborated by Hernando Velandia in his artworks, where the line of drawing emerges and disappears phantasmagorically like a shadow. His etchings on glass account for an evanescent nature and for the vision of the travelers who have registered and kept in inventory the territories the visited, to disintegrate them without measuring the environmental or social consequences

From a text by curator Christian Padilla

© Photos: Haupt & Binder, English: Universes in Universe.

Chapinero and San Felipe

Exhibitions in Chapinero and San Felipe, in the north of the city, during the Month of the Art 2014 in Bogotá.

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