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Cauca - Pacífico e Indómito

20 - 27 October 2014

Diagonal 75 bis # 20-76
San Felipe, Bogotá

Contemporary art from the South of Colombia: works by 26 artists linked to the University of Cauca in Popayan, capital of the Department of Cauca.

The exhibition was conceived as an approach to the national reality with a local perspective, ethnic on occasions but always close, making visible a violence that these artists live on a daily basis, which is not mediated by the media.

Curator: Guillermo Marín Rico
Professor of visual arts at the University of Cauca in Popayan

Alex Rodríguez, Fernando Pareja y Leidy Chavez, William Villota, Ángela Maya, Edinson Javier Quiñones, Paul Marcelo Velásquez, Juber Gómez Narváez, Jesús Eduardo Grijalba, Carlos Calderón, Jesús Eduardo Correa Nache, Juan Pablo Erazo Garzón, Silvia Jembuel, Jose Piamba, Richard Bravo, Ricardo Amaya, Guillermo Marín Rico, Jim Fannkugen, Sandra Patricia Navia Burbano, Adriana Torres, Manuel Bernardo Rojas Saavedra, James Campo, Giovanny Antonio Ayala Sarasty, Helmer Bender Mosquera, Omar Lebaza, William Bahos.

© Photos: Haupt & Binder, English: Universes in Universe.

Chapinero and San Felipe

Exhibitions in Chapinero and San Felipe, in the north of the city, during the Month of the Art 2014 in Bogotá.

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