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Aichi Triennale

Aichi Triennale

Special Feature by UiU:

Aichi (愛知県, Aichi-ken) is a prefecture of Japan, located in the Chūbu region on Japan's main island of Honshū. Its capital Nagoya is the center of Japan's third largest metropolitan region, known as the Chūkyō Metropolitan Area.

The Aichi Triennale, to be held regularly beginning in 2010, follows three basic objectives in order to realize an exhibition that represents and invigorates the culture of Aichi / Nagoya, attracting both local and international audiences:
- to demonstrate the trends in cutting edge contemporary art centered around the visual arts with an international perspective.
- to expand into the city (streets, parks, public squares, etc.) without limiting the event to museums and theaters, and thus becoming a platform for fresh communication among people, and between art and people.
- to actively incorporate performing arts such as opera, dance and music, with contemporary art as the core, emphasizing as much correlativity as possible to enable active interactions across disciplines.

(Based on a message from Akira Tatehata, Artistic Director of the 1st Aichi Triennale 2010)


The Aichi Triennale Organizing Committee,
Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya Art Museum

Aichi Triennale
c/o International Arts Festival Section, Culture and Arts Division, Department of Community Affairs
Aichi Arts Center 6F
1-13-2 Higashisakura,
Higashi-ku, Nagoya, 461-8525
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Nagoya City Art Museum

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