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Benvenuto Chavajay

Benvenuto Chavajay

Ixtetelá, 2016
Performance in the former prisons of the Cuartel Buenavista, current building of the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica.

The word "Ixtetelá" is tattooed underneath the navel. "Ixtetelá" is the negated surname of the artist's mother that was replaced by "González" by a municipal functionary. The calligraphy corresponds to the last version written by his mother "illiterate according to occidental reason", after copying it several times until the letters end distorted into signs.

© Photo: Flavia Sánchez

Central American Biennial - Photo Tour

30 August - 30 September 2016, Costa Rica. Title: All the Lives. General curator: Tamara Díaz Bringas; 70 artists and groups. Organizer: Empresarios por el Arte.

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