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Sharjah Theatrical Association

Tarek Atoui workshop during Sharjah Biennial 11, 2013.

Meeting between the drummers of the SB11 sound program and a traditional drummers group. The local ensemble performed traditional rhythms and songs of the region, explaining their practice to drummers from different parts of the world. This event was moderated by Tarek Atoui who conceived the SB11 sound program.
10 March 2013, Sharjah Theatrical Association
Sharjah Biennial 11, March - May 2013
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© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Heritage Area Walk - Part 1

From Hisn Street to the Heritage Museum, Calligraphy Square, Bait Al Naboodah, Souk Al Arsah, Majlis Al Midfa, and other sites in the Eastern part of the Heritage Area.

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