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Located in the north of the Kalba city center, right beside the Bait Sheikh Saeed Bin Hamad Al Qasimi.

In 1623, the Portuguese captured a fort in the northern part of Kalba from "a certain Casmr" (which means the ruling family of the Al Qasimi), and the following year they started to build their own fortress on the same site. When they were forced to leave the region around 1650, the Arabs built their own fortification on the remains of the Portuguese fort. Since December 1996, the Kalba Fort is open for visitors, even though it seems that the restauration process still continues.

The fort is situated on a platform, with a round tower in the eastern corner and a high square tower in the middle. It has two levels with a storeroom nearby.
The walls of the Hisn are built from stones, plasters intercepted by layers of adobe. The 'morabbaa' (quadrilateral upstairs) consist two storeys and built in a defensive style and has vertical and circular shooting outlets locally called 'mezaghil'.
In addition to this there is the nose to protect its walls and windows as its opening settles vertically on the windows. In its south eastern corner, the Hisn has a tower buried up to about the level of the Hisn floor. The tower is also considered as a defence facility as it contains vertical and circular shooting outlets 'mezaghils' and is topped by different levels of cogwheels which enhances its defensive and control capability. The Hisn is also surrounded by wall that helps in reconnaissance and plays the role of shooting outlets (mazaghils).

(From information by the Department of Culture and Information, Sharjah Government)

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