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Huehuetéotl, the Old God of Fire

Classical period, 200 - 650 A.D.
Stone, 65 x 63 x 66 cm
Museo National de Antropología, Mexico-City
The fire god Huehuetéotl is one of the oldest deities in Mesoamerica. Long before Teotihuacan he was widely worshipped. He is typically represented in a cross-legged position, with his arms and hands resting on his legs. Wrinkles on the face show the advanced age of the god, who bears a Coal pan on his head. Huehuetéotl seems to have been a protection god for house and fireplace.


© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Teotihuacan Exhibition

Touring exhibition, started in 2009. Extensive photo tour through the presentation in Berlin, 1 July - 10 October 2010.

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