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Chapel of the Theotokos

The mosaic in front of the altar shows a symmetrical composition of a central architectural structure and two bulls (badly damaged), and gazelles, from which the left one is complete, showing a bell around its neck. According to Fr. Michele Piccirillo, the building represents the Temple of Jerusalem "… in the shape of an arch with an opening on the west side. In the inner space is a huge fire, above which a domed structure (ciborium), supported by four columns, covers a small altar." The biblical inscription in Greek reads: “Then they shall lay calves upon Thy altar” (Psalm 51:21). In the central panel of the nave are the remains of a hunting scene.

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

Memorial's Photo Tour

Walk through Mount Nebo's Memorial, panoramic views, visit of the building that protects the remains of the ancient basilica, and Byzantine mosaics.

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