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Mount Ephraim and Benjamin, Jerusalem - inscriptions

1 - Neapolis (Nablus)

2 - Here is Jacob's well
Sychar before Neapolis, near the field which Jacob gave to his son Joseph. (John 4:5)

3 - Tur Gobel (Mount Ebal)
Gebal, a mountain where an altar was built at Moses' command. (Deut 11:29)

4 - Blessing of Joseph
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5 - Blessing of Benjamin
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6 - Aialon
Aialon, where the moon stood still for a whole day at the bidding of Joshua the son of Nun. (Joshua 10:12),

7 - Gethsemane

8 - Jerusalem
See the detailed image and description.

9 - Bethlehem

10 - Ephratha
The area of Bethlehem in which Christ was born.

11 - Nicopolis

12 - The Fourth and the Ninth Mile

13 - Modem, today Moditha
The place of origin of the Maccabeans.

14 - Lod also Lydea, called also Diospolis

15 - Lot of Dan
Land of the tribe of Dan (son of Jacob)

© Photo: Haupt & Binder

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