Through Palermo Chico to the MALBA

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Overall distance: 1,8 km

The area of Palermo Chico, also known as Barrio Parque, is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. It was laid out in 1912 by the French-Argentine landscape architect Carlos Thays (1849 - 1934). As Director of Parks & Walkways since the 1890s, he significantly shaped the urban aspect of the city. In the case of the Barrio Parque, he didn't follow the common grid structure, laying out instead meandering streets, diagonals, and oval plazas, planted with local tree species. The first magnificent residences were built in French Neoclassical style, later followed others in modern architecture. Today, a number of these villas are seats of embassies. Two grand avenues traverse the area South/North: the Avenida del Libertador and the Avenida Figueroa Alcorta.

Some stations of this tour:

Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo
Former residence in French neoclassic style. Decorative Arts, European and Oriental art.

Plaza Grand Bourg
Monument to General José de San Martín (1778 - 1850) and replica of his house in France.

Casa de Victoria Ocampo
One of the first modern buildings in Buenos Aires, now a cultural center.

Museum of Popular Arts José Hernández
Traditional and contemporary handicrafts from Argentina.

Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires. Important collection and temporary exhibitons.

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