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The MUNTREF - CAC (Contemporary Art Center) and the Museum of Immigration, located in the former Hotel of Immigrants of Buenos Aires, are two of the four venues of the Museum of the National University Tres de Febrero.

Erected in the first decade of the last century by the Argentine authorities to offer a first accommodation to the enormous contingents that arrived to the country during that time, the Hotel of Immigrants was in operation until 1953. Along its history, it hosted about one million people. It was declared National Historic Monument in 1990.

Up from the first refurbishment of the building's third floor for an intervention by the French artist Christian Boltanski in 2011, the UNTREF decided to carry out a restoration program in successive stages to develop the until that time postponed Museum of Immigration (founded in 1974), adding as a counterpoint a Contemporary Art Center since 2012. With the museum's lobby on the ground floor, including research and conservation rooms, as well as a café evoking the old dining room, the halls of both museums on the 3rd floor are accessed via an external circulation construction, composed of two elevators and staircase.

Through historical documentation, objects, photographs, films, testimonies, and artistic interventions, the Museum of Immigration offers space both for the construction of historic memory as well as for the reflection about today's conditions of migration; respecting the immigrants who found a new home in Argentina, and at the same time defending the native peoples. The permanent exhibition has the title “To all men and women of the world.”

The Contemporary Art Center supports and promotes contemporary artistic and cultural practices through processes of research and dialogue between artists and curators.

In 2017, it is the starting venue of BIENALSUR.

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(Summarized from texts on the official website, and translated from Spanish by Universes in Universe)


Centro de Arte Contemporáneo
Sede Hotel de Inmigrantes
Av. Antártida Argentina 1355
C1104ACA Buenos Aires
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